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21.06.2023 um 19:00 Uhr
Thin Films: Preparation, Characterization, Applications
(Herausgeber: Soriaga, Manuel P.; Herausgeber: Youn-Geun Kim; Herausgeber: Bottomley, Lawrence A.; Herausgeber: Stickney, John)
Verlag: Springer US
Hardcover / Gebundene Ausgabe
ISBN: 978-0-306-47335-7
Auflage: 2002
Erschienen: am 30.09.2002
Sprache: Englisch
Format: 24,1 cm x 16,0 cm x 2,6 cm
Gewicht: 740 Gramm
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über das Buch
This book is about thin films; what they are, how they are prepared, how they are characterized, and what they are used for. The contents of this book not only showcase the diversity of thin films, but also reveals the commonality among the work performed in a variety of areas. The chapters in this volume are based on invited papers presented by prominent researchers in the field at a Symposium on "Thin Films: Preparation, Characterization, Applications" at the 221st National Meeting of the American Chemical Society held in San Diego, California. The coverage of the symposium was extensive; topics ranged from highly-ordered metal adlayers on well-defined electrode surfaces to bio-organic films on non-metallic nanoparticles. An objective of this book is for the readers to be able to draw from the experience and results of others in order to improve and expand the understanding of the science and technology of their own thin films systems.
Preface. 1. Highly Ordered Adsorbate Structures on Cu(111) IN The Potential Regime of Hydrogen Evolution: An In Situ STM Study; P. Broekmann, et al. 2. Electrochemical Epitaxial Growth, Structure, and Electrocatalytic Properties of Noble Metal Thin Films on Au (111) and Au(100); K. Uosaki, et al. 3. Electrochemical Properties of Pd/Pt(111) Adlayers; J.M. Feliu, et al. 4. Temperature-Dependence of the Under-Potential Deposition of Ag on Pt(111) in H2SO4; Z. Radovic-Hrapovic, G. Jerkiewicz. 5. Functionalization of Underpotentially Deposited Metal Layers with Organics, Metals and Ions; R. Michalitsch, et al. 6. Morphology in Electrochemical Atomic Layer Epitaxy; K. Varazo, et al. 7. Overview on the Ultra Thin Films Formation of Y-VI Compounds Semiconductors on Silver by Electrochemical Atomic Layer Epitaxy; M. Innocenti, et al. 8. Electrodeposition of Nanostructured Mesoporous Selenium Films; I. Nandhakumar, et al. 9. Experimental and Theoretical Studies on Branched Electrodeposits in Thin-Layer Cells; G. Marshall, et al. 10. Self-Assembled Magnetic Nanoparticle Arrays by Anodization and Electrodeposition; G. Zangari, et al. 11. Solution Chemical Routes to Two-Dimensional Bismuth Tellurides for Thermoelectric Applications; Z. Ding, et al. 12. Growth Kinetics of Multi-Layer Cu
X Films on Copper Piezoelectrodes; M. Hepel, M. Scendo. 13. The Interfacial Chemistry in Grignard Reagent Formation: Reactions of Clean Mg (0001) Surfaces; J.B. Abreu, et al. 14. Ultra Thin Film Electrodeposition of Conjugated Polymers on Conducting Surfaces: A Precursor Polymer and Surface Grafting Approach; R.C. Adviscula, et al. 15. Self-Assembled Monolayers as Models for Polymeric Interfaces; C.C. Perry, et al. 16. Structure and Electronic Properties of Self-Assembled Macrocycle and Polymer Multilayers; L.S. Li, A.D.Q. Li. 17. Chemically-Attached Organic Monolayers on Silica Nanoparticles as an NMR Relaxation Medium for Embedded Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons; E.W. Hagaman, et al. 18. Preparation of Thin-Film Alumina for Catalytic Activity Studies; C.C. Chusuei, et al. 19. EQCN Study of Electrocatalytic Oxidation of Methanol at Nanostructured Catalyst; J. Luo, et al. 20. Solid State 13C MAS NMR Investigations of Amorphous Carbon Thin Films: Structural Changes During Annealing; T.M. Alam, et al. 21. Comparison of Contact Angle Measurements using Various Probe Liquids on Incomplete Ots Sams; Y. Liu, M.C. Messner. 22. Valence Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Non-Volatile Organomettalic Molecules; F.K. Padden, et al. 23. Humidity Effect on the Stability of an Octadecyltriethoxysilane Monolayer Self-Assembled on Mica; S. Kim, J.E. Curry. 24. Chemical Vapor Deposition of Silanes on Plain and Microfabricated Silicon Surfaces; K.C. Popat, T.A. Desai. 25. Characterization of Poly(Ethylene Glycol) Thin Films on Silicon for Implantable Microdevices; S. Sharma, et al. 26. AFM Imaging of Liquid Structures: From Droplet Profiles to Molecular Interactions; T. Becker, et al. 27. Microcantilever Sensing of Particles in Liquid Streams: Thin-Film Coating Impacts Sensor Performance; S. Shen, L.A. Bottomley. Index.
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